General Terms and Conditions for traveling with Cessna Citation Mustang C510 airplane

With the General Terms and Conditions, the carrier determines the rights and obligations arising from the performing flights with the Cessna Citation Mustang C510 aircraft. The General Terms and Conditions enter into force on 01.02.2021 and are valid until revoked. We reserve the right to change the terms of business without prior notice. For this reason, we advise you to read the following terms and conditions before each flight.

Terminology and application:

Carrier – AlpAvia d.o.o., Leskoškova cesta 9 E, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, VAT no.: SI48470163

Passenger – a person traveling with the plane from destination to destination

The flight operator may, at its discretion, refuse the transport of a passenger if he considers that the passenger could endanger the safety of the flight and all those on board. He may also refuse a passenger that is visibly under the influence of alcohol or drugs or other passenger if he considers that he or she could prevent him from operating the flight in accordance with air traffic regulations. In the event that the passenger is not allowed to travel with the plane, the obligation of the carrier arising from the performing flights stops, the carrier is free from its liability.

Client – legal or natural person who will pay for the transport of passengers or goods by plane

2. Methods of payment

The carrier allows payment by proforma invoice to the transaction account specified in the offer.

The carrier issues an invoice on a durable medium (paper) after payment and after completion of the service.

3. Validity of the offer

Based on the information provided by the customer to the carrier from the outfilled contact form, the carrier prepares a flight offer.

The offer is valid until the date stated on the offer. When confirming the offer, the prices stated in the offer are valid.

4. Prices

All prices listed are in euro (EUR), the VAT clause is subject to the clause stated in the offer.

The price includes the cost of flying together with the fees and charges related to the plane, as well as service from the mini bar – wine, soft drinks and small sweets.

The price does not include any taxes or fees for passengers, customs costs, costs of transporting passengers (taxi, limousine, transport of passengers around the airport, etc.), additional costs that depend on weather conditions – deicing of the aircraft, special catering preferences, change of the route according to the customer desire and other requirements.

All prices are valid at the time of placing the order and do not have a predetermined validity, so they are valid only until they are changed each time.

5. Offer accepted

After submitting the request, the customer receives a link to the offer from the carrier by e-mail, indicating the expiration date. The customer can confirm or cancel the offer.

If the customer does not cancel the offer, the request goes to further processing. After receiving the request, the carrier shall review, verify that all information is provided and, if necessary, invite the customer to complete missing information in the request.

The carrier may contact the customer by the telephone number or by e-mail provided in contact form to verify the data or to perform the services correctly.

Upon confirmation of the offer, a pro forma invoice for payment is created.

6. Performing the flight and delays

The carrier may, at its discretion, postpone the flight for up to 2 hours from the scheduled flight time.

In case of extraordinary circumstances (technical failure or other unexpected event over which the carrire has no influence) or in case of adverse weather conditions on the scheduled day of the flight, which at the discretion of the carrier or its crews do not allow the flight to be operated safely, the flight is postponed to the second most favorable date for passengers or the amount paid for the flight is refunded. In the event of extraordinary circumstances and / or higher force, passengers are not entitled to compensation for flight cancellation.

7. Right to cancel the flight

In case of cancellation of the confirmed flight by the customer, the customer is obliged to pay compensation, namely:

  • the cost of cancellation 72h – 48h before the planned departure is 50% of the invoice amount
  • the cost of cancellation 47 hours – 24 hours before the planned departure is 75% of the proforma invoice amount
  • cancellation fee 24 hours or less before the scheduled departure is 90% of the proforma invoice amount

8. Data accuracy

The carrier does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness or suitability of the data on the website and excludes its responsibility in connection with the publication of inaccurate, inappropriate or incomplete data on the website, which is exclusively on the side of the user of this information.

9. Data privacy, data protection

In accordance with the applicable legal provisions the carrier stores and processes the following customer information: name and surname or. the name of the company, address, VAT number of the company, e-mail address, contact telephone number, past orders and archive of communication.

The customer expressly agrees to the collection, processing and use of personal data of passengers.

The carrier will treat all information confidentially. In accordance with the applicable Slovenian Personal Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the carrier is obliged to protect the personal data of customers.

The carrier, which owns and manages the web address, uses the appropriate software in the provision of its services and provides all the necessary technological and organizational solutions for complete security of purchase.

The data controller is responsible for the protection of personal data and will use it to send offers, invoices and other communication related to the fulfillment of mutual contractual obligations. In no case customer or passenger data will not be passed on to a third party or an unauthorized person.

The customer always has the right to revoke the consent with effect for the future. The carrier undertakes to delete all personal data without delay in the event of cancellation, unless the plane transport service has not yet been completed. By entering the telephone number, we reserve the right to use it for the purposes of notification of fulfillment or in connection with the fulfillment of the order and other necessary communication with the customer. By entering and confirming your e-mail address, we reserve the right to notify you over the email in connection with non-performed transport by plane.

10. Cookies

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11. Security

The carrier shall use appropriate technological and organizational means to protect the transfer and storage of personal data and payments. For these purposes, the seller uses encrypted connections, which makes it difficult for unauthorized persons to view the data transferred between computers.

The customer is also responsible for security by ensuring the security of his username and password and the appropriate software and anti-virus protection of his computer.

12. Child protection

The carrier does not accept orders from someone he knows or suspects to be a child without the express permission of childs parents or guardians. The carrier will not accept any personal data concerning children without the express permission of parents or guardians, nor will it disclose data received from children to third parties other than parents or guardians.

Any communication aimed at children will be age-appropriate and will not take advantage of children’s trust, lack of experience or sense of loyalty.

13. Place of performance, court, applicable law

The place of performance for all deliveries, duties and payments is Murska Sobota. The regulations of the Republic of Slovenia apply to the assessment of all relations. Any disputes will be resolved by the competent court in Ljubljana (Slovenia).

14. Final provisions

Should individual articles of these business provisions become partially or completely invalid, the validity of the other provisions remains unchanged.